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As an occupational therapist and parent, I love checking out new crafts. My favorites are the ones that keep the kids happily occupied, while working on their motor skills without them even knowing it. ALEX’s Doodle Cake Crayons delivered all that and more! The kids really enjoyed it and it didn’t take much work on the part of the parent either.

I get a little intimidated by craft kits you have to cook, and I have to admit I also became a little afraid when I saw all those crayon crumbles. But the preparation and cooking was a breeze and keeping the mess under control was pretty easy too. We did ours at the kitchen table, which we were able to wipe down easily.  A little bit of newspaper would go a long way with clean-up as well. For even more of an easy clean-up, this is a great outside project on the patio furniture.

craft kits, crafts for kids, arts and crafts

Our crayons were ready in just 4 simple steps:

1. Fill up the cupcake tin, creating the color designs and combinations of your choice, which proved to be my niece’s favorite part!

craft kits, crafts for kids, arts and crafts

The therapist in me loved the motor aspects of the activity as the child used the spoon to dip and transfer the crayon pieces.  It was also great for bilateral coordination by encouraging the child to hold the crayon pack in one hand and scoop with the other hand.  When my daughter, who is around 2, wanted to get involved, I was actually able to adapt the activity and let her have a turn by placing the crayon pieces into a larger bowl for her to scoop from.


2.  Place the tin in the oven, pre-heated to 350 degrees, and set the timer to 8 minutes.  Once the pieces start to bubble, take the tin out and let it cool.

3.  Pop the pieces out, which was surprisingly easy.

4.  Put them together to create your cupcake crayons.


craft kits, crafts for kids, arts and crafts


The tops and bottoms of the cupcake crayons do not stick together but are super cute on the doily provided.  And the crayons worked!  At first, we had to press down a little harder to get the crayons going but the kids loved the multi-color designs they made once they did.

I loved that the crayons are small and challenge the kids’ fine motor muscles as they grasped the cupcake pieces, which is great for increasing strength in the little muscles in their hands and for improving their dexterity skills.

Overall, this craft was a winner for the kids and for me!