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Practicing spelling, sight words and math facts can get tedious for children. When it seems as if they are reluctant to tackle that new spelling list, learn the week’s sight words or practice those fundamental math facts look for ways to re-engage them by adding a fun twist to your routine. My Sand Box is the perfect solution; it can be used so many different ways for daily play, to encourage creativity and to make learning fun.


We use My Sand Box to liven up our homework and study time. Put away the paper and pencils and allow your child to use a paintbrush or their fingertips to write in the sand tray. It’s a great sensory experience and a wonderful way to liven things up for tactile learners. Practice those weekly spelling lists in a way that feels more like play than work when you reveal the colorful patterns with each letter that is written, then just smooth out the sand when done and you are ready to write the next word. Simple and effective spelling practice.

Another great way to use My Sand Box is by turning it into a sight word hunt. To do this simply write target words on tracing paper, place it on top of the patterned board and cover completely with the sand.

Using a paintbrush, have fun searching for words in the sand. Each time a word is uncovered it must be read a loud. If it is read correctly, let your child move on to a new word. If it is not read correctly, re-cover it with sand to be uncovered again later before moving on to another word. This will increase your child’s exposure to any troublesome words. Continue until all words have been uncovered and read. This activity has been a huge hit and it’s so simple to prep and complete.


We also use the sand box for some quick math fact practice as we work to memorize doubles facts. It is used the same way as the sight words hunt with tracing paper. What I like most about this is that it can easily be used for number (or letter) recognition as well as many other learning activities. 


The sand box is also a great creative outlet and independent activity for children. My daughter enjoys drawing pictures in the sand. The feel of the sand is very calming for her and allows her to be creative and see what she can make using her fingertips, a paintbrush or one of the tools that come with the sandbox.

It’s always fun to see what she imagines come to life. Can you see the butterfly in the photo below?


Now that I’ve shared some fun ways we use the ALEX Toys Sand Box for learning fun and play, I’d love to hear how would you use it? What great ideas do you have for the sand box?