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tether ball, outdoor play toys, active play, outdoor toys

I love getting my kids outside! They get exercise, the house stays cleaner, and they rarely argue!

Here are some of my favorite ways to keep kids busy and active outdoors!

1. Channel classic games: My kids really enjoy Paddle Tether Ball. We also play kick ball, hopscotch, and tag! I’m thinking I should introduce them to sack racing soon!

2. Play with water: My kids adore the wading pool and sprinkler, but they also think that painting with water (a bucket of water and a paintbrush) is super fun!

3. Draw with sidewalk chalk: My kids love drawing house plans, and I remember drawing gigantic dinosaurs as a kid! Trace their shadows.

4. Trigger their imagination: Channel their inner Big Foot with some Monster Clompers. Use sticks, twigs, and leaves to build a fairy house.

monster clompers, outdoor play toys, active play, outdoor toys

5. Go on a scavenger hunt: Give them a list of things to find – base it off of objects you know are in your yard or neighborhood, look for a certain number of items for each color, or send them off to find a fairy’s hat and see what they bring back!

6. Blow bubbles: It gets the kids moving, and makes for some fantastic candid  photo opportunities! Giant monster bubbles are especially fun! Add some twists to your bubble blowing fun with five easy bubble games.

7. Play in the sand: We’ll be getting this super sand digger if we ever get a big enough sand box!

8. Learn! Try a few basic science experiments. If you dump some water on the ground, how long does it take to evaporate? Does a solid block of ice melt faster or slower than a bunch of ice cubes in a bowl? Can you find insects using camouflage?

What are your favorite ways to get kids busy and active outdoors? What were your favorite things to do outside when you were a kid?

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