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Kids young and old never tire of playing with bubbles! Popping them, blowing them… it’s all fun! The awe and wonder on a child’s face when they watch bubbles float and pop is priceless. These simple little things can bring so much joy to a child. It also makes moms happy that bubbles are easy to find, and most of the time very inexpensive.

Here are five quick and easy games you can play with bubbles, which are great if it’s just you and your little one, or for a group of children. These games will work for one child or twenty!

1. Bubble Pop – What’s the number one thing kids love to do with bubbles? Pop them! In this game it’s a race to see who can pop the most bubbles in a given amount of time. Fifteen to thirty seconds is usually plenty of time, especially if you’re the one blowing the bubbles! For a little variety, have the children pop the bubbles without using their hands.

2. Bubble Blow – Who can blow the biggest bubble? Using a bubble wand, see who can blow the biggest bubble without popping it. This takes a bit of practice, but most kids can master blowing a fairly large bubble that then floats through the air.

3. Bubble Blast – With just one breath, see who can blow the most bubbles. If you get a good deep breath, you’ll be amazed just how many bubbles you can blow!

4. Bubble Float –  See how long you can float one bubble in the air before it pops. Have the kids attempt to keep their bubble floating in the air the longest by blowing gently underneath it. This can be tricky for young children, as you have to be careful with how hard you are blowing so you don’t pop the bubble.

5. Bubble Race – This game is similar to Bubble Float, but instead of just floating their bubble, the kids must blow their bubble along the race track and across the finish line! It can be as easy as racing across the yard, or you could even create your own curvy race track with sidewalk chalk on the driveway.

And how do you reward the winners? With more bubbles, of course!

Monster Bubbles

Looking for even more ways to have fun with bubbles? Definitely check out Monster Bubbles.This easy-to-use bubble maker creates enormous bubbles that will have your little one smiling from ear to ear!

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