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Both of my daughters have long hair, which they love!

When the warm days get even hotter towards the end of summer, long hair can be a nuisance. That’s why they’ve perfected a couple of quick and easy hairdos that are cute, a bit messy (so playtime doesn’t cause too much damage), and that keep their hair up and out of the way.

Kylie’s go-to hairdo is this simple modified pony tail. Just place the hairband around your daughter’s pony tail like you normally would. Pull all the hair through the band a couple times, and on the last pass through, only pull the hair half way through. Separate the end sticking out, and spread it around in a fan-like fashion. Ta-da! Easy-peasy!

headbands, hair accessories, hair clips, craft kits

Caitlyn has become quite obsessed with the messy bun, and it’s perfect for her long thick hair. Here’s her six second messy bun demonstration:


Once you’ve got your daughter’s hair in an easy and quick updo, add a bit of flair with a headband, barrette or bow!

Even when hair is simply pulled back, bits of color can look super cute. We created these headbands and feather hair clips ourselves with ALEX craft kits.

Their Ribbon Headband and So Many Headbands kits allow the girls to make so many different looks to match any mood or outfit and they enjoy making their own hair accessories!

headbands, hair accessories, hair clips, craft kits

Do your girls have a favorite style or hair accessory? Tell us in the comments!