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Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! It’s a chance to celebrate the joys of motherhood, a chance to truly reflect on the blessings we receive when we have children, and the opportunity to take a moment to thank our own mothers for the incredible love they’ve shown us over the years.

This Mother’s Day, the kids and I wanted to show some of our friends who are mothers that they are special not just to their children, but to the other children in their lives as well.  When I saw the new Tape All Day set from ALEX Toys, featuring six rolls of fun and funky designer tape, I knew just what we could craft with it!


We gathered a few inexpensive supplies including the Tape All Day tape, a plain flower pot, a small flowering plant, and some potting soil.


Then the kiddos went to town using the designer tape to create a colorful flower pot. His craft is so easy that almost any child can do it! Will it look perfect? Probably not, but what a cute gift!



Next we added the plants and soil to the pots, and they were adorable.


Luke took his to his Sunday School teacher, and she almost cried she was so touched. He was super cute, holding it behind his back. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” he says as he whips it around to show her. She knew that much love went into her gift, and isn’t that what Mother’s Day is all about?

Craft your own colorful flower pots at home and give them to your children’s teachers, or their friend’s mothers. It’s an inexpensive, quick and easy gift that will put a smile on the mothers in your life!

Want more fun with the super cool designer tape? ALEX Toys also has a fun Tape & Make playset!