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My six-year-old, four-year-old, and three-year-old mastered color matching quite a while ago, but they still really enjoy putting together the color matching focused button art game from ALEX. Since it’s fairly easy for them at their ages, they’ve gotten creative and made up new ways to play the traditional button color matching game!

preschool, developmental skills

1. Each person draws seven buttons at random from a bag. If none of your buttons match the template, you have to draw more buttons until you get one that matches. The person with the fewest buttons when the picture is complete wins.

2. Take turns putting together the scene, and see who can do it the most quickly (would be easiest for the six-year-old, but since my three-year-old spends the most time playing with the toy she knows exactly what colors she needs for each scene)

3. Make up a story to go with the scene as you put it together.

4. The fourth version they have is slightly less traditional: build the scene correctly first, and then swap in “wrong” pieces. They especially enjoy using the two eye buttons – here they have made raindrops with eyes:

color matching

As big kids, I love that they have found a way to keep this toy interesting, even though the initial challenge (color matching) doesn’t really apply for them. In a year or two, my baby will be ready to learn matching with this game – but for now, I’m happy to see it played with creatively.

And I love that all the pieces store neatly in the base when the kids are ready to put it away!

color matching game

Do you ever change games, either by simplifying them or by making them more challenging?


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