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ALEX’s Monkey Balance Board is a therapist’s dream toy!  It’s perfect for working on your child’s gross motor skills, and, with a little creativity, it can keep the kids occupied for hours.

The concept is pretty simple.  The child stands on the board with a foot on each side and tries to keep the board balanced, without letting the sides touch the ground.  The recommended ages for the Monkey Balance Board are 3 and up (you will want to be within arm’s reach for 3 year olds), but my 6 year old niece also had a blast, even deciding that she would like one for her birthday!  My 22 month old also joined in the fun with me holding her hands.

I loved that this toy can grow with your kids, which not only means that you can keep it around for several years (as opposed to several months) but also means that siblings can play with it together. It’s so easy to make several games out of it!  Adding a few extra elements not only kept the kids occupied, but it also incorporated many more motor skills.

Here are a few fun games you can try:

1. Tossing Games:  A bean bag toss or a ring toss game is great to play on your Monkey Balance Board.  Not only will this provide an increased challenge to your child’s balancing skills, as they shift their body weight, but it will also incorporate eye-hand coordination skills.

ALEX Toys Monkey Balance Board

2. Catching and Throwing:  Have the kids take turns catching and throwing a ball while standing on the balance board.  This will add an extra challenge to their core strength as they try to keep their balance while also moving their body as needed to catch the ball.  For an older child, you can purposefully throw the ball a little off center so that they have to shift their body to catch it, which really works on those ball skills.  You can also incorporate a goal or target, such as a hoop or a bowling game.  If you are using a soft ball, you can create a dodge ball game where the kids have to stay in a certain area while whoever is “it” tries to throw the ball and balance on the board.

3. What Can You Create:  Encourage the kids to get creative and use the things around the yard or in the garage to create a game of their own!

ALEX’s Monkey Balance Board is a great way to incorporate an extra challenge to many familiar games.  It’s also a wonderful way to engage your child in activities that will work on their core strength, balance, and eye-hand coordination!  As with all games, you will want to be sure to supervise your kids as they play!

What other games can you create to use with your ALEX Monkey Balance Board?