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toy bowling, bowling set for kids

Bowling is a great activity for kids, and ALEX’s Wacky Bowling Set makes it extra fun.

The baby bowling set is for kids 18 months and older and includes 6 wacky pins and two colorful balls. My daughter loves the different monster faces!

The pins come apart so kids can mix n’ match and put together their own monster creations, which they love to do is and it’s great for their visual motor skills and bilateral coordination! As a bonus, the balls jingle, so it’s fun for even the youngest of kids!

toy bowling, bowling set for kids

Bowling is exciting, entertaining, and a great for activity to reinforce eye-hand coordination and turn-taking.

Did you know that bowling can also be a great activity for building core and upper body strength?

With a few new twists added to the game, you can challenge kids ages two and up to use their body to knock down the pins instead of the ball.

Alternate between these 10 fun ways to score a strike and build strong muscles at the same time. Depending on your child’s age, he or she may not be able to do all 10 variations. Gauge their ability and if it’s too hard, move on to another to keep their interest and come back to the harder ones as they increase in their capabilities.

1. Bear Walk:  Have your little one walk on his hands and feet, while keeping their legs straight.

toy bowling, bowling set for kids

2. Lizard Crawl:  Keep your tummy on the ground and pull yourself forward with your arms and legs (as in the army crawl).

toy bowling, bowling set for kids

3. Crab Walk:  Remember to keep that bottom off of the ground!

4.  Donkey Walk: Place hands on the ground and then kick both feet out into the air, alternate between walking forward on your hands and feet and kicking your feet up in the air.

5. Duck Walk:  Walk forward while squatting down on the floor.

6.  Inchworm Walk:  Keep your legs straight and place your hands on the floor.  Move your hands forward and then walk your feet to your hands, and repeat.

7.  Seal Walk: Have your child lie on his stomach and then push his chest off the ground by extending the arms.  Walk the arms forward and drag both legs behind.

8.  Dog Walk:  Place hands on the floor with the legs extended.  Lift one leg behind in the air.  Move the hands forward and then hop forward on the one foot.

9.  Wheelbarrow Walk: Hold your child’s feet while she walks on her hands.  If this is too hard, you can hold her at her knees or hips for more support.

toy bowling, bowling sets for kids

10.  Rolling: Have your child lie down and roll toward the pins or perform forward rolls with your help to become a human bowling ball!

A strong core is a must-have for development of both gross motor and fine motor skills.  Without a strong core, children lack the stability they need to develop controlled movements of the arms and legs.

During your bowling fun, you can also challenge your kids to create animal walks and movements of their own!  You may be amazed at what they can come up with! Leave a comment and let us know what wacky games you create!