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I have a few baby toys that are reserved for my youngest child to primarily play with on her own, but with four children aged seven and under I am always on the lookout for high quality baby toys that will also engage her older siblings.

Toys that kids can play with alongside a younger sibling allow children to bond with the baby, while entertaining the youngest child! A toy that engages older siblings is more likely to grow with the baby – entertaining them for years instead of a few weeks or months. If you have an only child, these toys also tend to share more easily when friends come over.

wooden toys, sibling bonding, infant development, baby toys

I have been incredibly impressed with the wooden toys from ALEX – and all of my kids think they are pretty neat! My five-year-old and three-year-old especially love showing our baby how the Bop & Roll works, and my three-year-old adores the Sort & Count.

sibling bonding, infant development, wooden toys

I am also realizing that these wooden toys offer learning opportunities that you don’t get with plastic toys. I watched my baby roll the wooden ball back and forth, over and over. As she rolled, you could hear the ball accelerate and decelerate – not an effect you would get with a lighter-weight ball. She also loves the satisfactory clink that the wooden pieces make when the fit through the sized holes in the Sort & Count. She hasn’t figured out the shaped holes yet, but she drops them through the beaded rows and pushes the beads back and forth. My three-year-old is working on teaching her how to push the pieces through the shaped holes, so I’m sure the baby will figure it out soon.

Happy kids, happy baby, and lots of opportunities for learning make a winning combination!

Do you have toys that encourage your children to play with their baby sibling?