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Did you know that ALEX  has partnered with Scholastic in the launch of two books, Jungle Party and Moody Monsters?

Written by children’s author, Jenne Simon with illustrations by ALEX, inspired by the Little Hands line, the books bring together the very best of the reading and crafting worlds for preschoolers aged 3+.

Each book teaches children important kindergarten-ready skills through vibrant stories and fun, interactive toddler crafts that keep the learning and imagination going long after the book is finished!

Jungle Party

In this story, animals from far-off places come together in the jungle for a very special party. At first, the party goers can only see each others’ differences. But soon the animals learn that they have things in common, too. Have your own party after reading the book! There’s a pocket on the inside back cover with a make-your-own party hat craft, 3-D animal puzzles and 65+ stickers for decorating your crafts.

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Moody Monsters

Scared Sam is moving into Moody Monster Manor and he’s worried about everything including if the other monsters will be nice and what his bedroom will be like. As Sam explores the house, he meets Happy Harry, Confused Carl, Tired Tilly, Hungry Hank, Love Lulu, and more. As he gets to know each of the monsters, some of his fears are calmed. In the end, Sam’s new friends help him realize that no matter how you’re feeling, you’re always welcome at Moody Monster Manor. The inside back cover pocket comes with 75+ stickers, paper finger puppets, and a fold out Moody Monster play theater so you can continue playing with your new Moody Monster friends after the book is finished!

Moody Monster Manor, ALEX, Scholastic, book, crafts, Moody Monsters Storybook