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ZOOB® Introduces New Thematic and Character-based Collection Sets

Fairfield, NJ, February 12, 2015ALEX BRANDS® is revolutionizing ZOOB® with the introduction of the New World of ZOOB® collection at the112th Annual North American International Toy Fair (February 14-17th, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, NYC). The new concept takes ZOOB® in an exciting direction by incorporating both thematic and character-based play in conjunction with collectible sets. The first two collections launching are two new themed and character-based product lines – a space exploration inspired product line, ZOOB® Galax – ZTM, and a construction and building product line, ZOOB® Z-StruxTM.

With these components, ZOOB® is building upon the brand’s established foundation of spurring imagination and interactive play by creating collectible sets with real character, identifiable themes and endless possibilities. ZOOB® inspires children to not only build the models on the box, but also to innovate with their own creations. Children can collect all three sets in each collection and make even bigger and more imaginative creations. The fun isn’t over after the toy is built because with ZOOB® the joy is just beginning, as each ZOOB® toy is able to be played with offering hours of endless entertainment.

“We have created the next evolution in collectible building sets with our New World of ZOOB series, not only are we expanding into themes and characters, but also producing life-sized builds that can be moved, rotated, spun, driven and rolled for hours of play,” said Neil Friedman, President and CEO, ALEX BRANDS®. “Every time a child interacts with ZOOB we want to expand their imaginations and to be encouraged to think bigger, bolder and braver.”

Available at multiple price points and with several characters and themes, ZOOB® has created a desirable concept to drive multiple and repeat purchases. With each new kit purchased, children can build bigger and bolder designs. The New World of ZOOB® collection is available in three different sized kits and price points with four different epic-sized models in each kit – some building up to three feet high! And each come with detailed, easy-to-read instructions, packaging that identifies it with the theme and product enhancers that give the theme instant recognition and make the builds more realistic. These new products fit with all classic ZOOB® building sets, allowing kids to create, collect and construct new toys straight from their imagination. With its classic play patterns ZOOB® promotes both repeat play and repeat sales as children will want to collect the whole series.

Friedman added, “With our New World of ZOOB, there are even more options for play – and for repeat purchase. The highly desirable construction and space categories are just the first two themes, we see limitless opportunities to bring new characters and themes to the ZOOB collection in the future.”

The ZOOB® Galax-Z collection features three separate futuristic space-themed sets in a series that can be played with alone or collected together. The Astrotech RoverTM, Z-Star ExplorerTM and ZoobotronTM features Zoobonauts – Gamma and Helio – who each come dressed in space-suits and helmets as well as other components such as turbo rockets, monster tank treads and claw excavators to make space exploration fun.

The ZOOB® Z-StruxTM series includes three separate construction-themed models, which can be driven by the new Zoob Dudes characters, Jack Hammer and Wrench, from the construction crew dressed in yellow hard hats and orange uniforms – just like the real thing! The Scorpion DrillerTM, Lift N LoaderTM, and Lift Sky CraneTM help kids construct with flip-top cabs, monster tank treads and excavator buckets to create ski-high towering cranes, giant drillers and ruble lifting backhoes.

ALEX BRANDS® is a worldwide leader in creative and imaginative play. The company’s collective family of brands markets more than 2,000 high quality products spanning the diverse categories of preschool and infant toys, games, magic sets, seasonal toys, role play items, science kits, construction sets, craft & activity kits, bath toys, art supplies and Made in USA products from POOF®, SLINKY® and SHRINKY DINKS®.

For a preview of the New World of ZOOB®, or to preview ALEX BRANDS® new products, visit their Booth #2131/2231 at Toy Fair 2015 from February 14 – 17 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NYC. More detailed information on 2015 product introductions is available in the ALEX BRANDS Toy Fair Green Room.


The ALEX BRANDS® family of brands is comprised of some of the most iconic, recognizable and award winning toys in the industry today. With a commitment to helping children become more active and develop their imagination and creativity, ALEX BRANDS offers toys and kits for children of all ages. Award-winning ALEX TOYS® offers high quality toys, art supplies and craft activity kits that inspire creative expression. POOF® is the world’s leading brand of foam sports balls, many of which are Made in USA. Iconic SLINKY® has been the quintessential toy of fun and imagination since 1945. SCIENTIFIC EXPLORER® offers a range of challenging and entertaining educational activity-based science kits. The IDEAL® brand is the classic brand of nostalgic fun in a variety of games, activity kits, magic sets and classic toys. Award-winning ZOOB® building sets, which can move after they are put together, allow for truly interactive creations. BACKYARD SAFARI® is the leader in essential field gear for outdoor role play and exploration. ZILLIONZ® has helped children better understand the value of money for almost 20 years. CITIBLOCS® is a line of high-quality, precision cut wood construction blocks. SHRINKY DINKS® is a globally recognized toy brand offering a wide variety of products and play patterns based upon plastic sheets that can be cut, colored and then shrunk and hardened into an endless amount of original designs.

For more information about ALEX BRANDS®, please visit www.alexbrands.com.