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Sometimes the simplest toys are the most fun and educational. Classic wooden building blocks are no exception. But when we received our set of Maxville Blocks, we knew they were anything but ordinary. ALEX Toys took their wooden building blocks above and beyond the simple classics by using unique shapes, vibrant colors, and graphic patterns. These modern elements add to the fun and increase the opportunities for imaginative play and learning.

While all of my kids (ranging in age from 8 months to 5 years) have loved playing with their ALEX Jr.  Maxville Blocks, I know that my littlest will get the most use out of them as he grows. He’s already right there exploring them with his brother and sister.

With building blocks, babies…

…explore sounds. Babies can bang the blocks together and onto different surfaces to explore the sounds they make.

…explore textures. Graphic patterns on the Maxville Blocks offer visual textures for infant eyes to explore.

…develop spatial awareness. Touching and even tasting the blocks helps babies learn about the space around them.

…learn about cause and effect. When babies drop building blocks onto the floor, they make sounds. And when they bump a stack of building blocks, the blocks tumble down. All of this teaches baby the basics of cause and effect.

…strengthen fine motor skills. Turning blocks in their hands and passing them back and forth help babies practice important fine motor skills.

So even though my little guy isn’t yet building elaborate towers or participating in imaginative play with his older siblings, he’s still learning. There will be plenty of time down the road for elaborate cities made of building blocks.

Did your kids like building blocks when they were babies?

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