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Like most kids their age, my five-year-old and three-year-old adore dinosaurs! I think they enjoy the artistic license their extinction allows for! They can make their dinosaurs do absolutely anything, because – at the end of the day – there is a lot about dinosaurs that we just don’t know!

pretend play, puzzles, floor puzzles, 3d puzzle, play set

They were thrilled to try out the new ALEX Toys 3D Dinoland! My five-year-old had no trouble following the instructions to build the dinosaurs:

pretend play, puzzles, floor puzzles, 3d puzzles, play set,

My three-year-old helped him find all the right pieces:

pretend play, puzzles, floor puzzles, 3d puzzles, play set,

They loved the 3D volcano, and spent some time playing just with it and the dinosaurs before building the rest of the puzzle. Can you spot the meat-eater watching all the herbivores?

pretend play, puzzles, floor puzzles, 3d puzzles, play set,

There was plenty of time to play once they finished building the entire play scape, as well!

pretend play, puzzles, floor puzzles, 3d puzzles, play set,

All of the pieces for this puzzle are made out of sturdy cardboard, and the dinosaurs actually stay put together even as they are moved around in play. I was very impressed!

Once the kids were done playing, all the pieces went back into their box, which fits nicely in the closet with our board games!

I love all the learning I saw my kids do while playing with this puzzle:

  • Develop their gross and fine motor skills as well as critical thinking while putting the puzzle together.
  • Work on cooperation as they decided which kid got to play with which dinosaur (the purple flying dinosaur is their favorite).
  • Develop their expressive language play as they narrated their play.
  • Practice expressing emotions as they made their herbivores run away from the carnivore.
  • Find a creative solution by “teaching” the carnivore to eat plants so he could play with the other dinosaurs.

What learning do you see your kids doing while they engage in pretend play?

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