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Ideal Hot Potato Electronic Musical Passing Game


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Hot Potato

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Age: 4 Years SKU: 0X2561TL Categories: ,
Dr Toy: Classic Toys Winner
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Product Description

Ideal Hot Potato MusicalPotato-Passing Game is a wild, frantic, laugh out loud, electronictater-tossing good time! Designed for 2-6 players, this musical game can beplayed by the whole family. Just squeeze the Hot Potato to start the music andlet the fun begin. Pass the spud to the player next to you or even across theroom. Toss the tater back and forth, up high, down low, around and around, butdon’t get caught holding the spud when the music stops! If you do, you have totake a potato chip card. Get 3 chip cards and you’re out. The last playerremaining without 3 chip cards is the winner! Includes an electronic plushpotato stuffed with foam, 13 potato chip cards, 3 AG13/LR44 batteries andinstructions.



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