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Ideal Booby Trap Classic Wood


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Booby Trap Classic Wood

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Dr. Toy Classic Toy
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Poof_Ideal_0X5348_Booby Trap Classic_front
Poof_Ideal_0X5348_Booby Trap Classic_front

Product Description

The classic Booby Trap game has been loved by families since the 1960’s. Now this iconic game has been redesigned and is better than ever! Players pull pieces off the tension board to accumulate points. Larger pieces are worth more points, but are also riskier because removing them may cause the board to pop pieces everywhere! This family board game is a great way to let kids practice their fine motor skills and decision making. This game is designed for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up!

Game includes:

  • 13 by 1.5 by 9 inch game board
  • 21 large blue pieces
  • 21 medium yellow pieces
  • 21 small green pieces
  • 6 game cards
  • Replacement rubber band
  • Instructions



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